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In a world of continual change, our aim at CMII remains constant:


"To be a leading consulting firm that offers and provides a wide array of management services, thus, helping our local and international clients achieve their goals and objectives." 


Guided by our vision, we are committed to:


Provide new, innovative, cost-effective and synergistic ideas and solutions to our clients' needs, both in the private and public sectors and to enable them to maintain their competitive edge especially in the fast-developing global market.

To fulfill our mission, we cherish and nurture the values of:


Integrity and Reliability


Professional Competence and Experience


Understanding of People


Creative Imagination


Hands-on Problem-solving




Change Management International, Inc. (CMII) believes that organizational success stems more from proaction and constant change. Excellent enterprises succeed not only because they anticipate or adapt to change. They succeed because they make change happen.


CMII aims to assist clients innovate and reconfigure their existing work structures, management practices and processes to create added value for each resource used - people, materials, money, time - in a way that maximizes productivity, profit and benefits.


SYNERGY. Creative synergy allows CMII to combine its expertise with clients' in-bred mastery of their own situations and to formulate approaches to transform challenges into genuine opportunities for growth.


CMII operates on the belief that every organization is different and unique. Each one creates its own structure, practices and management style, nurtures a distinct group of people who share a common culture and the same set of values, and develops peculiar work processes and procedures that its people have come to apply by instinct. Hence, for us, each consulting engagement is an entirely new experience - a different opportunity for service.




Who we are...


  • We consider every consulting assignment as a chance to develop a profound and productive partnership with a client. We believe that there is a mutual benefit from the synergy that underlies a consulting encounter.


  • We field consultants who are well-equipped to provide flexibility and creativity in addressing client needs due to their long years of professional exposure in their respective fields.


  • We transfer technology to our client-counterparts either by direct, formal training intervention, or through the engagement learning process that occurs in the course of the engagement, in order to ensure continuity of the improvement process long after we leave.


  • We take a stake with our clients in the success of any consulting project and therefore, treat every engagement as a real professional challenge.